How To Sit For Spinal Health: Gokhale Method

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Please note; I wrote this article back in 2015, my views have changed greatly on many things as I have become more experienced and as the research has changed I have adapted my views and treatment accordingly. I highly recomnd reading my latest articles on this matter.

Does a “Straight Neck” Cause Pain?

As a chiropractor working in Sydney’s CBD, i treat alot of desk workers who find there backs get stiff, painful and tired from a long day spent at the desk. If your finding sitting is aggravating your back pain, a technique i recommend to try is called stretch-sitting as demonstrated in the video below by the creator Gokhale Method; Esther Gokhale. When most people try to sit with “good posture’ they usually force themselves to sit more upright with there shoulder’s pulled back, resulting in more tension in the muscles of the back and spine.When given enough time usually find themselves back to a slumped position. The benefits of stretch-sitting is that it decompresses the spine as you sit, and allows your spine to elongate in a more natural manner without having to force yourself into certain postures/positions.  To do stretch sitting, all you need is a low back chair and a towel, it may take some time to practice in order for it to feel comfortable, however; over time it should be able to be done with little conscious effort. Kieran Finnegan; chiropractor Sydney believe’s it is vital for patients take an active role in their recovery, and become there own therapist to get the most out of any hands on therapy.

I also recommend self massage techniques for the muscles of the back and hips, which may also become tight and compress the structures of the spine, in order to get the full benefits of this technique. Keeping your stress levels down and getting regular exercise, will also help most forms of back pain aggravated by sitting or back pain in general. Our chiropractor Sydney has found the the combination of the two to be the most beneficial for back pain.

If you have any questions, or would like help your back pain, contact Kieran Finnegan; Sydney chiropractor , myotherapist (SLM) & remedial massage therapist, or book online to visit us at Sydney Chiropractic & Massage.

kieranfHow To Sit For Spinal Health: Gokhale Method

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