Neck, Shoulder Pain & Headaches.

Kieran has treated thousands of achy, stiff, tense neck and shoulders and associated headaches over the years and often gets quick results. It’s not uncommon for Kieran to see someone who has seen several other health professionals with minimal results and only after a few treatments with Kieran finally got the relief they needed. The number one reason why most people don’t respond to most treatments is because the postural muscles haven’t been released. A 10 minute chiropractic treatment may provide relief in the short term but the postural muscles that attach to spine inevitably tighten again and you have to go back for months on end.

I cannot over emphasise the role of the muscles when it comes to chronic neck and shoulder pain and headaches. Have a look at the ‘shopping list’ of muscles below and notice how the muscles are attaching directly onto the spine. These muscles get tight and restrict movement and compress the sensitive spinal joints. This is why Kieran always does a comprehensive muscle and massage treatment prior to chiropractic, adjustments are only as effective as the muscle work done prior.

A good way to test this yourself is to run you fingers across the muscles on either side of your neck, do they feel “gristly” and “crunchy” as your fingers flick over the tense muscles like a guitar string. What about the the muscles on top of your shoulders, do they feel soft and relaxed or like concrete? Is there a big knot or lump on top of your shoulder blade? Roll your shoulder back and down and forward in a circular motion, can you hear the tight muscles as they flick over your shoulder blades?

Also be wary of so called “posture experts” who don’t treat the postural muscles. In my experience professionals who treat posture use it more as a marketing tool similar to getting “realigned”, people are more likely to pay $80-$100 for a 10 minute treatment under the guise of having their posture corrected. Most “posture experts” couldn’t tell you what muscles cause poor posture yet alone how to treat them, it takes a lot more than 10 minutes.

Click on the image to get more detail on specific muscles, take note on where they attach onto the spine, how they are aggravated, common associated pain patterns and headaches and effect on forward head posture (FHP). The body compensates by distributing tension across many postural/spinal muscles, It would rather be generally tight everywhere rather than extremely tight in isolation. You’ll have a greater understanding on your own muscle anatomy and how it relates to your pain than most chiropractors, physiotherapist, GP’s etc…

Trapezius or “traps”

Levator scapula

Splenius capitis

 Sub occipitals (FHP)

Sternocleidomastoid (FHP)


Erector spinae


Pec minor and front deltoid. (Muscle that causes forward shoulder posture)

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kieranfNeck, Shoulder Pain & Headaches.