Chiropractor, myotherapist (SLM), sports massage, dry needling & myofascial cupping for a complete muscle & spine approach.

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Kieran Finnegan- M. Chiro, BSc., Dip RM, SLM

I am the owner and chiropractor here at Sydney Chiropractic & Massage, I have a genuine passion about helping you get back to a pain free life. Over the past 15 years I have continually learned, developed and refined my approach when it comes to treating back pain. Having trained in chiropractic, sport massage, myotherapy (SLM), dry needling and myofascial cupping, I have one of the most complete muscle and spine therapeutic approaches in Australia. I have successfully helped 1000’s of back pain sufferers even when other therapies have failed and from all walks of life, chronic pain sufferers, acute pain, post surgery, office workers, top level athletes and everything in between.

I can appreciate you may be experiencing pain for the first time and you just want someone who can quickly and effectively resolve it, without needing to get endless treatments and who can give you the right information on how to avoid pain in the future. Or you have chronic pain and tried the merry go round of chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths etc.. who all told you they can help but only provided symptomatic relief.

Truth be told the track record for most traditional types of back pain treatments are average, in particular when it comes to chronic pain, with most research overwhelmingly finding the results are moderate at best and short term. This is why I don’t use the traditional approach to treating back pain. Although the short treatments and regular visits used by many in the industry would be more financially rewarding, I feel I would be doing my patients a great disservice, why get results the same results in 10 treatments, when it can easily be achieved 2 or 3.

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