My name is Kieran & I am the owner and chiropractor here at Sydney Chiropractic & Massage, I have a genuine passion for helping people get back to a pain free life. Over the last 15 years I have continually learned, developed and refined my approach when it comes to treating back pain. Having trained in chiropractic, sport massage, myotherapy (SLM), dry needling and myofascial cupping, I offer a unique & wholstic treatment.

It may be surprising to you that in the 5 years of my chiropractic degree, there was no training or education on how to treat the muscles and fascia, how they become tight, painful, and dysfunctional, and why they are often the missing piece of the puzzle. Kieran has tens of thousands of hours of training and experience as a massage therapist & bodyworker and still requires up to 45 minutes hands-on to make long-term changes to the body what is a standard chiropractor, with no training in treating the muscles & fascia going to achieve in 10 minutes? Physiotherapists often rely on stretching and strengthening which are also very ineffective approaches when it comes to chronic pain and tension. It is no surprise to me that billions of dollars are spent and wasted every year on pain when two of the most utilized therapies in Australia lack the basic training and skills in dealing with two very important structures when it comes to pain and tension.

This is where my approach is different, I spend hands on time with your manipulating and releasing deep tension out of you muscles using a variety of proven techniques based on your individual needs, Kierans clients often tell him no other professional has ever done such an effective and detailed muscle treatment. I pay particular attention to the vital postural muscles of your spine and pelvis prior to specific chiropractic adjustments. I also educate you on how to avoid pain in the future through lifestyle, self treatment and exercise.

If you’re looking for an effective treatment for back, neck and shoulder pain book online for initial special offer.

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