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Where low back pain is typically felt

Causes Of Low Back Pain

“Shopping List” of Important Back Pain Muscles.

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Low back pain is typically described as tension, stiffness, an ache etc… Most people can’t attribute their back pain to one specific incident but rather a general and accumulating sense of discomfort and tension, that comes and goes over years and then may begin to experience it on a more consistent and day-to-day basis, many back pain sufferers will often put it down to just “getting old”. On occasion their might be a sudden and extremely painful episode where the person is unable to move or function without significant pain, this can be a result of a mundane movement such as picking something light off the floor, coughing, house work, an exercise at the gym etc…

Where Low back Pain Is typically Located

Do you feel your pain similar to any of these images? Pain is often felt around the joints of the lower spine. There are several key postural muscles that attach directly on to the spine and may compress and aggravate the sensitive spinal joints and why chiropractors who don’t treat the muscles typically only produce short term relief. Click on image(s) below to get more detail on location of pain.

Causes & Aggravating Factors

Back pain sufferer’s may feel their pain first thing in the morning, typically they have a hot shower and then move around and the pain and tension usually eases. Similarly, people who sit for extended periods of time may feel tension and discomfort in the postural muscles of the spine, once they get up and change postures the pain and tension will usually subside for the short term. Certain exercises, especially weighted ones may also aggravate back pain, sitting on soft/unsupportive couches or seats where the hips are lower than the knees such as driving, or they do something their not accustom to such as extra walking while on holiday, gardening, moving house etc…

“Shopping List” of Important Back Pain Muscles.

There are usually several key postural muscles associated with back pain, once chronic the body will distribute the tension to the muscles of the hips, low back and may aggravate the spine. This is why Kieran always performs extensive muscle and massage therapy prior to chiropractic. The adjustments are only as effective as the muscle work before it.

Quadratus Lumborum


Erector Spinae (ES)

Thoracolumbar fascia (TLF)


Glute medius

Success Stories

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