The Truth About Scoliosis

Most people develop a scoliosis during adolescents and is often referred to adolescent idiopathic (unknown origin) scoliosis. I have a theory it may develop if one side (unilateral) of the spinal muscles are relatively tight compared to the other side especially during a growth spurt, in particular the I use the analogy of tying a rope to a bamboo tree on one side, it will inevitably grow/curve to that direction. In this diagram you can see the “ropes” that are attaching to the spine.

The problem is not the scoliosis or misalignment itself but potentially the original muscle problem that set up the misalignment in the first place, for a number of people the muscles that set up the scoliosis aren’t always going to be causing any pain either, there are many factors involved. However, for those who’s muscles are causing pain once you get rid of the underlying muscle problem, imbalance, tension, the associated back pain will often subside, although the alignment of the spine won’t actually change. Once you get to adulthood the shape of the bones will tend to change shape based off wolfs law which states bones will adapt/remodel due to the mechanical pressure placed on them, this typically cannot be reversed even after months of these scam “corrective care programs” designed to realign the spine. You can take an x-ray before and after months of treatment and the only difference will be in your bank account.

It’s not a coincidence that people who supposedly get their spine “realigned” have to keep going back regularly for “realignment“.

Back pain sufferer’s may feel their pain first thing in the morning, typically they have a hot shower and then move around and the pain and tension usually eases, that’s not because your spine magically realigned itself after having a hot shower, it’s because the heat and movement stimulated blood to the muscles. Similarly, people who sit for extended periods of time may feel tension and discomfort in the postural muscles, get up and change postures and tension typically eases, this has nothing to do with your spine going back in to alignment. Similarly people who have high levels of stress may experience pain and tension due to the ‘fight or flight’ part of the nervous system and the effect on muscle tension, being relaxed or stressed doesn’t determine whether your spine is misaligned or not.

If you have been told your back pain is because of a scoliosis, misalignment or your hips are out more than likely that’s not the case. If you’re looking for an evidenced based and logical approach to back pain book online today and get an initial appointment discount.

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